5 Reasons to Choose an Accountant over Just a Software

Published by William T. Fricke at June 24, 2019

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Over the years, accounting software, such as QuickBooks and Xero, have greatly advanced to support many company’s financial management. Although software can help manage some aspects of financial management, software cannot replace the experience and expertise of trained CPAs. We do recommend using QuickBooks or Xero for helping to manage your finances, but software is best utilized when combined with the wisdom and efforts of a professional accountant. There are several crucial services which a software cannot provide as an accountant can:

1. Audits—Even though accounting software will attempt to complete calculations accurately and scan for errors, there are mistakes and fraud issues which will go undetected. Hiring a professional accountant to do auditing is a wise plan for the stability and security of your company. At Fricke & Associates, P.C, we provide auditing services which can ensure compliance with standards, verify reconciliations, and discover ways to improve internal controls and processes.

2. Tax Preparations—Because the tax code is so intricate, making mistakes, even while utilizing a software, can easily happen. By using a CPA, your company can avoid overpaying or incurring penalties. With the help of a professional, your business can be optimized by making wise tax decisions. When consulting with Fricke & Associates, P.C, we can help you determine the ideal financial decisions for your company, including factors related to asset valuation, proper forms for employees, inventory costing, legal entity structure, and more. We alleviate your hassle, so tax season is not overly stressful every year.

3. Outsourced Financial Tasks—When your finances are managed through the hands of a professional, you can free up your time to invest in your business. Duties such as payroll, bill pay, and advanced financial reporting can be outsourced to Fricke & Associates, LLC. Using a software can free up some time, but you will save even more of your time and rest easier with your finances in the hands of professionals, committed to your company’s success.

4.  Financial Advisement—Whether a small business trying to figure out how to create a balanced budget or a large company looking for growth opportunities, the council of a CPA can be vitally important. Fricke & Associates, LLC has a wide spectrum of advisory services, which could help you acquire business loans, plan for the future, optimize your company’s cash flow, and advise on buying and lending choices. Your accountant will be focused on helping your company reach the financial security and stability desired.

5. Customized Support—Although some aspects of financial management relate to every business, your company is unique and has its own factors to consider. With a software, there will be some options for customization, but not in the same way that an accountant sitting face to face can. When we consult with you about financial management, we can truly get to know you and your business individually. We can use our experience and intuition to help offer personalized solutions which can help your financial logistics run smoothly. You are never just a handful of numbers as you would be on a software alone.

For most businesses, the combination of software and a certified professional can bring the optimal financial results. When you are ready to schedule a consultation, contact Fricke & Associates, LLC to start your company’s journey to smoother management of finances.

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