Seeking Bank Financing

Applying for financing is a crossroad every business comes to at one time or another. Despite your confidence in the future of your business, the process is time-consuming, intimidating, and full of opportunities to derail if you don’t do everything right. Different financing resources require different things, but what is common is that the list is typically very long. Most will require one year of bank statements for all accounts, a personal financial statement, several years of tax returns (both business and personal), several year-end financial statements, copies of lease agreements, copies of any other notes or any other obligations, and information about owners and key management. A common error that businesses make which prevents them from getting the financing they’re seeking is not having the adequate financial data—either it is historically lacking, or it is not timely or accurate.

CPA Services for Seeking Bank Financing

How We Can Help

Fricke & Associates, LLC can help take the stress, time, and guesswork out of seeking financing. As specialists in serving small and mid-sized businesses, we have worked with thousands of companies on financing.

Client Testimonials

We have known Ted Fricke for decades. He is honest, knowledgeable, and very professional. This entire office is easy to get ahold of, and this is necessary because we live... more

I have used Fricke & Associates for my accounting needs for the past 6 years and I am very pleased with the professional service that I have always received.

The staff are excellent, patient, professional, and efficient. They made the process very smooth and easy. We enjoyed working with Marvin and he was always available to answer our questions.... more

After a couple years of less than satisfactory experiences from a large chain tax preparation service, I was referred to Fricke & Associates, not only because of their stellar reputation,... more

Jeanette is great to work with. Highly recommend the firm!

Fricke and Associates know their stuff. We have always received honest and reliable service and communication from them has been up to date and relevant. If your small business needs... more

Fricke and Associates know their stuff. We have always received honest and reliable service and communication from them has been up to date and relevant. If your small business needs... more

Great team of advisors. Top notch accounting service!!!

Been with this firm for over 20 years. Tallant and Assoc were acquired and everything has remained great. They do a great job.

Very responsive and reasonable rates. Very happy with this group.

Fricke CPA Office

What We Can Provide

Here’s how we can help:

  • One of the biggest ways we help is to keep your financial information current and complete, so when the time comes to apply for financing, you don’t need to spend time searching for it, only to find out you don’t have it.
  • We can also help with preparing financial ratios, assisting with plans to improve financial ratios, maintaining files for loan documentation, and preparing statements of cash flow.
  • We keep up with the ever-changing landscape of rules, regulations, and loan covenants, so we can help you avoid mistakes and pitfalls.

When it comes time to seek financing, we recommend that you meet with us and your banker to obtain a list of requirements for the type loan you’re seeking and begin gathering the information. You should also begin to monitor your financial data to meet the ratios you will need to meet the covenants and ensure the cash flow will be adequate to borrow. With Fricke & Associates, LLC on your team, working with you sidebyside, this process does not have to be overwhelming or time-consuming—and you can provide your banker with exactly what they need.

We can help

If you need a financial advisor near Atlanta, GA, Fricke & Associates, LLC has the expertise and experience to understand your needs, analyze your financial data, promote your growth, and ensure your financial future is set on a successful path. Additionally, we are a leader in developing and implementing the latest technology for optimizing accounting, tax, and financial planning solutions.

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