For any business, accurate and well-organized financial information is crucial. Precise financial data is needed when it comes to making smart business decisions, filing accurate tax returns, catching potential problems before they become problems, and submitting payroll taxes. Spending the time and resources to handle this within your business can feel overwhelming. Considering outsourced accounting could provide the peace of mind your company needs.

CPA Services for Outsourced Accounting

How We Can Help

Here at Fricke & Associates, LLC, we are ready to provide you with a full-service accounting solution. We understand how essential it is to keep accurate financial data. When you outsource your accounting and bookkeeping needs, you will have more time and resources to run your company and invest in growing your business.

Services We Provide

We provide complete outsourced accounting services for our clients, eliminating the cost of computer hardware, staff, and storage:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Processing
  • Reconciliation of Bank Statements
  • Posting of Entries to the General Ledger
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Preparing Sales Tax and Payroll Tax Returns

Client Testimonials

We have known Ted Fricke for decades. He is honest, knowledgeable, and very professional. This entire office is easy to get ahold of, and this is necessary because we live... more

I have used Fricke & Associates for my accounting needs for the past 6 years and I am very pleased with the professional service that I have always received.

The staff are excellent, patient, professional, and efficient. They made the process very smooth and easy. We enjoyed working with Marvin and he was always available to answer our questions.... more

After a couple years of less than satisfactory experiences from a large chain tax preparation service, I was referred to Fricke & Associates, not only because of their stellar reputation,... more

Jeanette is great to work with. Highly recommend the firm!

Fricke and Associates know their stuff. We have always received honest and reliable service and communication from them has been up to date and relevant. If your small business needs... more

Fricke and Associates know their stuff. We have always received honest and reliable service and communication from them has been up to date and relevant. If your small business needs... more

Great team of advisors. Top notch accounting service!!!

Been with this firm for over 20 years. Tallant and Assoc were acquired and everything has remained great. They do a great job.

Very responsive and reasonable rates. Very happy with this group.

Fricke CPA Office


What is the Difference Between Accounting & Bookkeeping

Although accounting and bookkeeping are similar, there are some key differences. Bookkeeping is primarily related to defining, measuring, and recording financial transactions whereas accounting is the process of condensing, interpreting, and conveying any financial transactions to any necessary parties. While business decisions can be made with the data from accounting, this is not true of the data from bookkeeping. Another key difference is that bookkeeping doesn’t require a specialized skill set, but accounting requires the ability to analyze financial data. While an accountant will prepare the budget, taxes, and loan plans for a business, a bookkeeper will either perform single entry or double entry bookkeeping

Do We Work With A Company’s Existing Accounting Department?

If you are not ready to outsource all accounting responsibilities, we alternatively will work with your internal accounting department in the preparation of monthly or quarterly financial statements. We utilize a number of accounting software products, and we have Quickbooks and Xero certified staff members. Combining our expertise with industry best practices, you can be confident that your financial data is accurately reported. When all of your data is prepared by professionals, you will remain in compliance with all tax laws and regulations. Additionally, you can make informed, wise business decisions.

What is outsourced accounting services?

Outsourced accounting services are where a company engages an outside service provider to perform all or major portions of the bookkeeping and accounting functions of the company, thus replacing the internal accounting personnel.

How will my business benefit from Outsourced Accounting Services?

The business benefits by being provided a high level of critical financial information and resources at a cost which is usually less than the salaries of in-house employees.

Call Fricke & Associates, LLC today and schedule an appointment to learn more about how outsourced accounting can benefit your business!

We can help

If you need a financial advisor near Atlanta, GA, Fricke & Associates, LLC has the expertise and experience to understand your needs, analyze your financial data, promote your growth, and ensure your financial future is set on a successful path. Additionally, we are a leader in developing and implementing the latest technology for optimizing accounting, tax, and financial planning solutions.

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